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Ash Cash talks to PIX11 morning news about 7 ways to make more money on the side

Ash Exantus (Ash Cash) from BankMobile has seven ideas to help you earn some extra cash. (Click here to see video)

Side hustle ideas:

1. Sell your good unwanted items: Take all the stuff that you have laying around the house that you don’t need and sell it.

2. Sell freebies from Craigslist: Look for free stuff on Craigslist. Some items are in great shape. If not, spruce up and resell either on Craigslist, Flea Market or a Garage sale.

3. Sell yourself (Not that way): Fiverr, Elance, Craigslist give you a platform to sell your skills. Have a beautiful voice? Create personalized phone greetings. Are you a wiz at editing videos? Do it for others. Are you knowledgeable about design? Create a logo for customers. The list is endless.

4. Teach classes online: If you are particularly good at something you can become a tutor at SkillShare or Udemy or start your own online school using teachable.com. Many top experts use this as a lucrative way to earn residual income.

5. Become a field agent: Sign up for an account with Field Agent and get paid to do small tasks around town for different clients. Those usually involve scanning barcodes with your Phone, checking prices at your local drug store and conducting field surveys. Your earnings vary from assignment to assignment and depend on the area you are based in. For example, one listing offers $9 for 4 pictures of any products in the toothbrush section of the local Target in Mission Viejo, CA; while taking one picture of $19.99 & under video game display taken in any Toys “R” in NYC will earn you $5.50.

6. Offer To Watch Children: Need some extra cash? What do you do? Hit up Moms and Dads. No, not your mom and dad, silly. Moms and Dads; those worn-out individuals with small children under five who barely remember what it’s like to go to a restaurant and not spend the evening quelling tantrums and wiping up spilled water.

7. Become a Brand Ambassador: Whether you have a small or large social media presence you can use your influence to promote brands and get paid for it. (Make sure you’re only aligning yourself with brands you believe in).