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June 21, 2020

**TACS BONUS EP#106** - The Black Tax, Reparations, + Real Solutions w/ Shawn Rochester

**TACS BONUS EP#106** - The Black Tax, Reparations, + Real Solutions w/ Shawn Rochester
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Shawn D. Rochester is the CEO of Good Steward LLC (GSL) and the founder of PHD Enterprises, and the IDEA Institute.

These organizations provide financial education and advisory services to consumers, increase the presence of Black employees and enterprises in  US public and private sectors payroll and supply chains, and facilitate commerce between the Black business community across the African  Diaspora and on the African continent.

Shawn is also an author and sought-after speaker who has spoken on Wall  Street, in Silicon Valley, at leading universities and the United  Nations about the staggering financial cost of discrimination against  Black people in America and a new economic framework to help create the  millions of jobs and businesses that are missing in the black community.  Shawn has received citations from the New York State Assembly and the  New York City Council for his work in economic development and was also  selected by the International Human Rights Commission Relief Fund Trust  (IHRC-RFT) to be listed in its 2019 almanac as one of the Top 100 Human  Rights Defenders for his efforts to educate people on the financial cost  of discrimination (past and present) against members of the African  Diaspora in America

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