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June 11, 2018

Ep92 - Maintaining Your Financial Health w/ William M Barbee

Ep92 - Maintaining Your Financial Health w/ William M Barbee

WILLIAM MICHAEL BARBEE, Entrepreneur - Director, Producer - Philanthropist and Author. His latest book is titled “What’s In Your Bag?” and this book encourages readers to explore the many challenges and obstacles that may
hinder them from an emotionally healthy life.

He is the recipient of many awards and merits for his commitment to excellence in Business, as well as in the Mental Health arena.

William Michael continues to spread words of hope through countless speaking engagements via radio, social media outlets, periodicals, books, and local television programs. He has remained diligent in his efforts to reach, redirect and empower inner city youth. He teaches the basic core values of honor and respect, while challenging one’s self how to navigate through various difficulties. He is most proud following his inner convictions. When asked what advice he would offer to people, he says it would be, “Leave More Than You Take.”

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