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May 14, 2018

Ep80 - The Future of CryptoCurrency w/ Fritz Charles

Ep80 - The Future of CryptoCurrency w/ Fritz Charles
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Fritz Charles is the founder of Coin Gamma, a crypto data and content company that provides reliable information about the crypto and blockchain space. Coin Gamma provides education, data, and content through its website, mobile apps, and podcast. Crypto and blockchain technology is about self-empowerment, empower yourself to make the proper investing decisions with our data-driven information. 
NYC - born and raised, Fritz is an alum of CUNY - Baruch College (B.B.A.) and UPenn - The Wharton School (M.B.A.). His professional experience spans finance, technology, and media as he worked at Lehman Brothers, Barclays Capital, National Basketball Association (NBA), and Interactive Corp (IAC). His unique professional training equips him with the tools to bridge the gap between the technical and economic sides of this emerging crypto sector.
Find him on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (@coingamma) or visit coingamma.com
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