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Nov. 7, 2017

Ep67 - Your Favorite Rappers Favorite Writer w/ Cardan

Ep67 - Your Favorite Rappers Favorite Writer w/ Cardan
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Cardan, Sony ATV Music Publishing & Grammy Award winning songwriter and artist hailing from Harlem NYC is responsible for some of Hip Hop’s chart-topping hits. Referred to as Your Favorites Rappers Favorite Writer… Nah I just made that up but truth be told he has ghost written for some of hip hops biggest names. he is often-times the pen behind some of your favorite artists. Putting a dent in the industry by the age of 16, Cardan has over 2 decades of experience in creating music.  His work and voice can also be heard in the opening credits of Mona Scott Young’s Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta on VH1.

Cardan is currently coming from behind the scenes to the forefront with new music of his own and today we talk about his history as a grammy award winning writer and his transition.

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