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July 15, 2017

Ep53 - Building Wealth Through Marijuana w/ @SavageGizelle

Ep53 - Building Wealth Through Marijuana w/ @SavageGizelle
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Sirita Wright is an actress and has had guest roles on the ID Channels My Dirty Little Secret and her first web series, 195 Lewis, was recently unveiled at the International Film Festival in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Additionally, Sirita is a digital­ savvy professional with a fashion and media background plus a proven record of exceeding expectations, improving processes, establishing goals/metrics and turning around underperforming social media platforms. Sirita has had great success working with major brands including AT&T, Lexus, Prudential, and others.

Never one to sit idly, she has also ventured into the cannabis industry. A longtime cannabis enthusiast, Sirita began delving deeper into the business side of the cannabis industry and now consults with novice cannapreneurs on how they can use social media to expand their reach. She also interviews cannabis entrepreneurs and covers the ever­ evolving developments within the industry. Further, she  co-­founded a cannabis media network with two other female African American cannabis enthusiast called: EstroHaze!


Today we speak to Sirita about building wealth through the cannabis industry

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