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June 18, 2017

Ep48 - Creating the Runway to Success w/ The Greek God of Cool (Kells Barnett)

Ep48 - Creating the Runway to Success w/ The Greek God of Cool (Kells Barnett)
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Kells Barnett has been surrounded by fashion his whole life, designing & sketching clothing since 17 Kells knew his calling was in fashion. Growing up in the business and getting a hands-on learning experience, Kells gained the knowledge of the fashion industry at an early age & became an integral force in business and marketing to eventually claim the title of Director of Marketing at custom clothier, 5001 FLAVORS, and its bespoke retail expression, Harlem Haberdashery.

Graduate from Dowling College with a BA and M.B.A; Kells has been extremely instrumental in helping brands grow their business with effective marketing and sales initiatives. “I already knew fashion, I continued on to college to learn about business,” says Kells, and with his hard work and contributions to the fashion industry, as well as, the social services field, Kells was honored as Top 40 Alumni at Dowling College [2009]

Kells’ true passion is working within the community with many charitable organizations in which he takes great pride in. As a global citizen for change, he volunteers countless hours a month to working with the mentally-disabled, the homeless and underprivileged or underserved populations through active work with non-profit organizations.

In 2013 Complex Magazine featured him in the Harlem Rising G-Shock watch feature.

Kells recently launched #TakeCareOfHarlem – a social media hashtag call-to-action campaign created to promote community endeavors.

Kells sits on the board of Y.U.N.G Harlem. Was awarded [2013] with the Community Spirit Award by MMPCIA, awarded, The Official Certificate of Recognition From The Mayor's Office [2015]

Future endeavors include the launch of #ArtLivesinHarlem & additional intra-borough campaigns i.e. [#TakeCareOfTheBronx, #TakeCareOfBrooklyn, #TakeCareOfQueens] which will serve as a gear up for #TakeCareOfNYC – a core-centric program based around communities to help promote arts, music and entrepreneurship.

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