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June 9, 2017

Ep44 - Economically Empowering Your Mind and Your Pockets w/ Clyde Anderson

Ep44 - Economically Empowering Your Mind and Your Pockets w/ Clyde Anderson

Clyde Anderson is an Economic Renewal Specialist and on this episode of The Ash Cash Show we discuss ways to Economically renew your mind and pockets.

After 16 years of honing his craft and addressing thousands, his resume includes fortune 500 companies, national non-profit organizations, large scale events, workshops and retreats. He found his space/purpose and commit to higher expectations every time he speaks a word. Clyde is the president of The Paramind Group, an economic empowerment camp that creates programs for youth and adult financial empowerment. He!s also the author of the bestselling book What Had Happened Was... A realistic way to view a deal of a lifetime and his most recent release FundaMENTAL W.E.A.L.T.H. Principles which helps create a mindset for financial success. Clyde created the Think & Be Financially Free series of programs to help people realize their true potential and reach Financial Freedom.

This seasoned Economic & Empowerment Expert has been lending his advice and valuable expertise to radio and television for more than 8 years and has appeared on CNN more than 400 times as Contributing Finance Expert with TJ Holmes, Susan Malveaux, Don Lemon, Kyra Phillips and others. Clyde has keynoted more than 200 events and has In addition to CNN, he!s appeared on ABC and CBS. He!s also a frequent guest on several syndicated and local radio shows. Clyde has guided thousands of families from coast to coast towards financial independence. He has also consulted with hundreds of national corporations and trained dozens of industry professionals on the principles of economic empowerment using his practical approach to encourage and inspire.

Selected as a CNN New Guard, which identifies the next generation of newsmakers, Clyde has a way of breaking sometimes complex issues down to their simplest form to make sure his audience can relate and apply to practical solutions. Clyde!s ability to relate to “Middle America” has established consumer loyalty, respect from industry heavy weights, and a stream of noted accolades. The vision that drives what Clyde does reflects people living life to its fullest and maximize every opportunity possible to build financial security according to their innovation, planning and actions. He is passionate about walking his purpose to change lives and it shows in his delivery. Clyde currently lives in Atlanta with his wife and three daughters.

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