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May 26, 2017

Ep38 - Becoming a Smart Money Millionaire

Ep38 - Becoming a Smart Money Millionaire
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DaRayl Davis doesn't ever want to see another athlete or entertainer go broke. It's all in the way we perceive our wealth, says the best-selling author, speaker and entrepreneur. For the rest of us, although some may never see a six-figure signing bonus or book contract, recognizing true wealth and rethinking the way we see money is a game-changer.

On this episode we talk to DaRayl about how to become a smart money millionaire.

DaRayl Davis is first and foremost a “Financial Coach” who guides people on how to recognize their true wealth and to rethink the way they see money.  His focus and determination led him to reach millionaire status prior to the age of 30.  He teaches others his principled-based systems approach to achieving financial goals and realizing their dreams.

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