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March 6, 2018

Ep 76 - Money in Black and White

Ep 76 - Money in Black and White
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Matthew Evertsen is a lifelong devotee & passionate advocate for the arts. He was the music director of The Quarterly Art Soiree at the legendary & world famous Webster Hall, creator & host of Silhouette Sessions, an intimate showcase performance series & The RONIN Hour, independent radio show of bespoke design in mind for the eclectic & curious music listener. Matthew is a creative director having provided creative direction in music licensing for dozens of television commercials & digital spots for brands. Bebe, Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani, Nokia, Pepsi, Playboy, Uniqlo, Visionaire World, Victoria’s Secret, Volvo & Viceland. His work has been profiled by popular music blog Pigeons & Planes & Matthew is a frequent panelist at conferences & events, Syracuse University Bandier Lecture Series 2015, Guild Of Music Supervisors Conference 2016, NeueHouse Creatives 2016,& the Vegas Music Summit 2013-2017. He is currently producing Vegas Cannabis Summit happening February 14th & 15th, as well as a feature documentary on the rise of the band Imagine Dragons scheduled release early 2018.
Today we speak about Black Excellence, White Wealth, Mass incarceration, privilege, and the cannabis industry.
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